Free Photography Contract Template

This file from Jessica Kobeissi Photography LLC is a template and it is encouraged and asked that you tweak the materials to your liking to fit your needs! Also please note this template is for personal use only for photography business purposes and may not be used commercially or re-distributed in any manner on any […]

Frequency Separation Photoshop Action

Hey guys! Sorry this took so long, but I had some issues with this action working on both MAC and WINDOWS, and also some issues with the action itself. Hopefully this action should be problem free! Download the Frequency Separation Action by clicking here!

I am xswimx from Neopets.com

Hey there!! If you’ve ever wondered where did xswimx go after neopets…right here! My name is Jessica Kobeissi. I am now 26 years old and a designer and photographer. Send me a message on fb..I absolutely love when people from neopets find me and shoot me a message Facebook or check me out on youtube: […]

Whatever Happened

Quite a while, ugh! I miss blogging all the time. Now I’m lucky if I can sleep before 2 AM. I guess I wanna say: If you ever feel lost or empty…sometimes I feel that way too. I think I’m still stuck in the past, I keep thinking about the old times. I’m still in […]

It’s Been A While

Hey hey heyyy to whoever reads this! You know it’s kind of sad that I used to blog almost everyday when I was younger – and now I hardly do it at all. I’m working on it Younger. That word has more meaning than ever, as I slowly realize I do not want to talk […]

Free Lylac Lightroom Preset

To celebrate 16,000 Youtube subscribers I am giving away 2 free Lightroom Presets that I’ve made. This is only for two days though, so download them while you can while they’re still free! Really wanted to show my appreciation for all the wonderful support and kind messages So I thought, hey, who doesn’t love free […]

Grunge Mermaid

SO! This shoot was something Jennifer and I tried to put together for a few weeks, but our schedules just wouldn’t line up! GRRR!!! It’s like the calendar committee up there was like, “Jess, just stop. Ain’t gonna happen.” Fortunately we found a day, and then came the pink hair. I’ve wanted to incorporate more […]

Photography Tips and Tricks

After two years of shooting, I’ve come up with a list of some things that have helped me progress in photography. If there is anything you would like to add to the list, feel free to comment Behind the Scenes hold all the secrets Sometimes Photographers won’t flat out say what lenses, lights or equipment […]