If you read my last post where I almost died, you would know I had a run in with a spider who clearly has a record of harassing people. WELL! I am happy to report that a few days ago while I was speeding (do I ever go speed limit?) on the tiny two lane free for all that is the Ambassador Bridge connecting America to Canada, the spider FINALLY came out.

It couldn’t have been worse timing.

The Ambassador bridge has a shallow 4 lanes tightly squeezed together. Large trucks carrying god-knows-what drive on the right outer lane, while cars drive on the left. Just picture me driving at night in a tiny lane on a large bridge with what seems to be a truck trying to race me and then out of nowhere a spider emerges on the inside of my windshield. The first thing I screamed was –


Well, okay, I just screamed. That doesn’t count. After I screamed, I asked Natalie to hand me anything to kill that thing with. She had no idea what the hell was going on and honestly, I couldn’t string my words together. It was like I completely forgot how to speak. I just screamed out random words like an idiot. Eventually I said GIVE ME A NAPKIN and then I crushed the spider with a piece of paper because damnit, we’re girls and can’t find anything when we’re scared.

So, I guess you could say I’m a murderer. One of the more exciting aspects about my personal character. If my full time job doesn’t work out I could always work as a hitman.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to meet a very big celebrity from Lebanon and take his photos for exactly 3 minutes (I got very specific instructions on this…). But then again, this hookup could fall through the cracks faster than Miley Cyrus when she decides to do a quick change which just involves her taking off her clothes. I have no expectations honestly.

I guess if I meet a celebrity who doesn’t speak any english the first thing I’ll do is maybe force him to tag me on instagram, twitter, and facebook. Fast advertising right there, haha. Gotta polish my Arabic tomorrow and hope I don’t sound like an idiot. Now that I have to wake up in 6 hours, I don’t feel very good about looking nice for the concert and meet and greet. Maybe he will see me for my talent! HA. Yeah. Right.

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  1. September 7, 2013 at 5:21 am Grace Miles

    My goodness! Maybe there’s just something about the Canadian highway that the creepy crawlies like.

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