I’m really excited people have been emailing and messaging in their tutorial requests. That means people are actually watching my youtube videos. Which means I haven’t been talking to my screen FOR NOTHING~

You think talking to yourself and making video tutorials wouldn’t be so hard but damn, it is a challenge. I have to try not to stumble over my words or sound like a complete idiot with JUST MY VOICE. It’s not like I could trip over a shoe lace or put on toothpaste incorrectly, this is literally just the words coming out of my mouth. You think it’s nothing, but when you start to speak and talk about things like pixels and curves…you start realizing you need to be technical at times but you really don’t know anything. Someone also told me that I was very soft spoken which I laughed at for about 5 minutes. Me? Soft spoken?! Maybe at 8 AM meetings at work, sure (because I just woke up 30 minutes ago).

I try anyway.

Well, let’s see…apart from my youtube videos which is mostly my life now, I am finally booking a trip on Saturday for spring break with my friend Amelia (also known as Meme because we have hipster nicknames). I don’t think we really know where we are going yet. We’ll probably just end up going to the travel agent and having her pick out of a list on wikipedia. Hahahaha.

No no, we will finalize a place. We kinda have too, haha. It’s just hard to pick ONE place you want to go. We could literally go anywhere in the world….except a few places I wouldn’t want to really visit..or are not allowed (NK? -_-). I’ve never had this type of freedom before, but it’s exciting.

Now, to all those people reading that thinking I’m a very spoiled teeny princess cruising around in the Benz Daddy bought me that can go anywhere in the world and travel in her little frayed shorts and hipster tank top (lol I got really descriptive there NO COMMAS damnnnn) – you have it all wrong. DON’T I WISH. I pay (and have paid) for all my trips, expenses, bills, etc. from my stressful nights and anxiety ridden days that come with having two jobs. After college I came to the extremely depressing realization that I have an excessive amount of loans that would accumulate into monthly payments on top of more monthly payments…but When you’re 18/19 you don’t really think about loans or APR, you just sign whatever you need to so you’ll be able to go to college with your friends.

No one really told me how it would be. I learned the hard way after I got a letter in the mail with my monthly payment which happened to be way more than I would make in a whole month. That is for a whole other blog post…anyone with student loans, I totally understand and I face the same pain~ JUST KEEP GOING!!

SO! I’m taking care of business, and rewarding myself with a little vacation as to not drive myself completely crazy from working so much. If anyone is reading this on Thursday and wants to recommend some places before Saturday morning, would love to hear some :) We’re looking at Istanbul, Italy, Greece and Japan.


  1. February 3, 2014 at 1:21 pm hend

    I love your videos on youtube, they’re very helpful. AND! I would go to Japan. It would probably be SUCH a huge difference and an amazing experience.

  2. February 8, 2014 at 10:31 pm Michael

    You didn’t mention where you finally decided to go. :( Italy and Japan are both awesome. I have heard that Greece and Istanbul are very beautiful so all in all you have made some good choices. If you goto japan I hope you get to Kyoto it is a beautiful city.

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