I forgot I had a site for a moment there, oops.

Fear not! I have been working on lots of new content, changes, and revisions both offline and online. This year I am focusing on simplicity. No more cluttered photoshoots, resources, etc. everything should fall under “LESS IS MORE” (unless we’re referring to toilet paper – then damnit, the flimsy 1-ply needs to stop).

I’ve started making more youtube tutorials which I’m quite happy with. I’ve reached 700 subscribers in likeee… 6 months! WOOO!!! Some youtubers who have 10 million subscribers are probably reading this thinking I have really low expectations. Yeah, SO WHAT?! With my luck Youtube will close down soon and then I’ll be back at square one at this blog just writing about things…hahaaha.

Been planning my trips for this year because I have some extra vacation days this year :) SO EXCITED!!! My friend and I are looking at Istanbul and Greece for our first trip, but of course I must visit Japan, London and Lebanon (you know whenever they stop the bombings – that would be nice…) so I’m kind of figuring out how to squeeze all those countries in my short time frame. I guess I’ll think of something, I always do.

Cage the Elephant has been my new obsession, and damnit you know what? Clothes have been too. I’ve been spending so much on new stuff lately I need a second closet. Granted it’s not a huge closet to begin with so that doesn’t help. I need a closet the size of someone else’s house, that would be wonderful….although vacuuming would suck.

In any case, I will just continue to be myself and hopefully no one gets scared by it. HAHAHAHA. Just kidding. We all portray ourselves online as one way, some people choose to believe that as the final version of that person, and others know that it’s not.

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