I came back from Spain almost a month ago and I’m still recovering from what I like to call, ‘post-seeing-beautiful-scenery-everyday-and-hot-guys-to-twenty-degree-weather-and-rotting-gas-stations’. But then again, that always happens when I travel overseas. I come back depressed, unable to understand anything around me, and my personal favorite: broke as helllllll.

30 euros for an ice cream? SI. I’m in Spain just pretending like everything’s on clearance.

Well, sad doesn’t describe it, nah. I’m being gentle with my wording too, and that isn’t even touching base with the airplane food they served us. Lady CLEARLY giving me what appears to be a cheese stuffed bread stick that was microwaved in the depths of hell WITH NO DAMN CHEESE INSIDE IT EVEN THO THE BOX HAS A PIC OF THE BREAD WITH CHEESE INSIDE IT OK LET ME TELL U SOMETHING- I took a bite and it was all bread. Why? I don’t understand.

Don’t mess with me about food.
Ah, okay, so I suppose I should update you all with where I am in my life….I’m still alive! Woooo. That counts for something right? Eh, didn’t think so. Well, hmm…oh, okay I have something! I stop for cute animals on the road.

LOL seriously this was hilarious. It’s about 8:50 AM and I’m driving on the road to work and these 3 geese come out of NOWHERE in the middle of the road. This area has 5 lanes, it isn’t like the yellow brick road, Dorothy isn’t coming out skipping here. There are cars going 60 MPH (no one goes speed limit let’s be honest guys) and these geese just decided to take what looks to be a morning stroll to meet up their friends, shop at Target, enjoy the weather, etc. God knows. All I knew was, I wasn’t about to flatten any geese.


So I stopped before the geese even got to my car just so they could safely cross, because I didn’t trust the driver behind me. My trust issues are so horrible they extend to situations like these. Bummer.
As far as I know the geese got to the other side of the road quickly. WHICH REMINDS ME. This is like “why did the chicken cross the road”. I have lived this joke. Holy. REVELATION.

In other news, I’m thinking of pursuing photography more seriously this year, as I have big aspirations and goals with it. I’m far from reach but that never stopped me before, and I feel like I may as well try while I’m alive, right? No use in bickering while I have my health to allow me to work at it.

The hard part is getting a professional, high quality portfolio together. I don’t know why but I just seem to hate everything I create a few hours after finishing it. Bad habit of mine that I’m trying to get rid of. This year I will hopefully have some good images together :) Then pitch to an agency, become successful and start an airline with my face all over the outside of the plane. If not, I can always just marry a doctor. Yeah, let me do that (hahaha that was a joke relaxxxx ain’t no gold diggin’ goin’ round’ here)

Hmmm….honestly, my days consist of editing photos, going to work, taking photos, etc.

Which reminds me, I haven’t put up my photos of Spain! Ah. Let me do that…brb? :P

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