Going to Spain was an amazing experience! Beautiful country, wonderful people, and great food. I had never really given any thought to going to Spain before to be honest, but now that I’ve gone I want to go back as soon as possible. Here are some photos from my first day there :)


Can you tell I love the window seat? Yeah…if I’m in the aisle seat I’m constantly jerking my neck towards the window. I’m all up in your peripheral vision. Might as well let me switch and save yourself my annoyance.

Flying over Spain. There were soooo many mountains. Try finding Waldo, I dare you.

My first view of Barcelona going up the Metro. I actually loved getting off on Metro stops, going up the escalator and seeing the view as I went up. It was a beautiful surprise every time.


Spain-7113 Our first metro stop….ending up in Catalunya :) Didn’t know Spain had an area called Catalunya – where locals were called Catalonians. It was a more thriving part of Spain, the people who live there are very proud of their city (as they should be, it’s gorgeous!).

Spain-7112 Nice random buildings everywhere. Won’t find this in ‘Merica. At least as in Michigan…or Detroit. HAHAHAH let me laugh that one off.




Spain-7116 Huge iphone ads everywhere. Used these to find our way back…haha.



Where all the cute skaterboys of Spain hung out. Coveted spot for any girl.




Spain-7135 The giant spot in the middle of Placa De Catalunya where everyone congregates…mostly pigeons. Really nice to just sit and relax, or get attacked by pigeons. Haha just kidding.

No literally there were mostly pigeons here. This is clearly their territory.


Spain-7145 Balloons! Who doesn’t love those? :)


Spain-7150 Made a friend.

Trying to be conceptual here with the balloons, but Hello Kitty is in this one so I think that kind of dismisses it all.

Spain-7157 Walking further down there is a large fountain area. The area near the fountain looks so proper I wasn’t sure it visitors were allowed to step there.


Not sure of this guys marketing strategy but he was making bubbles. That’s all I know, haha.

Spain-7163 These kids were on a field trip or something from school, weren’t very nice. They were shouting things at us while they walked past and then laughed with their friends. I think they get annoyed of all the tourists, haha. Or they’re just jerks. Probably the latter, yup.


My favorite place: LA RAMBLA!! <3

You can see parts of La Rambla here. It’s where all the shops and restaurants are. Cute place, very touristy and congested with all sorts of people. Lots of cute police too.

Spain-7179 Crossing was fun. I just went and hoped the big slew of people behind me followed, haha.

Tried to get a photo of my own reflection on the bus but it went too fast…

Entrance of La Rambla. Can you tell with all those people?

Nice random buildings. Sorry I don’t know what these are for, but they’re pretty!

Of course I had to take a photo of this, it’s dear to my heart and very special to me. ZARA!!!! *_* Love this store with all my tiny heart pieces and organs. We don’t have one in Michigan…I need to write a letter to Congress about that.


Love these buildings. So beautiful.

Some streets next to La Rambla. Filled with mostly shops.

I’m jealous of this tree.



Absolutely love these types of streets. Love going to Europe and seeing these…no cars, just walking.


So, that wraps up my first day in Spain. Granted, I didn’t take my camera out for ‘touristy’ photos too much…I think after taking photos for so long (events, parties, etc.) now I just like to enjoy moments instead of capture them (unless I’m being paid to do so). I loved going to La Rambla, it was probably my favorite place. You really feel alive there amongst all the people. It’s not a place to go to if you can’t handle crowds, as there were literally thousands of tourists there. It’s nice to be able to go to a store and meet so many different nationalities and hear so many different languages. It’s incredible!

I didn’t take my camera out in the middle of La Rambla just because I am paranoid about it breaking, being stolen, etc. (same reason why when I was in Lebanon I didn’t take it out of my suitcase) and also, I have this thing about not looking like a crazy tourist snapping photos of the floor and every crevice of every building…which is totally fine for some if that’s your thing, but again, I’ve come to a point in my life where I would just like to enjoy the moment and not try to view it through a tiny viewfinder. I want to see it with my eyes and experience it. I absolutely loved MONTSERRAT!!! (Didn’t take my SLR there but don’t regret it one bit), Labyrinth Park (which you’ll see in later photos in my next blog) and the magic fountain especially. Both were spectacular places. I could see myself going there when something’s pissed me off and I want to just run away …but I don’t really want to so I just go there and sit in a random area surrounded by bushes, lmao.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my photos. They’re not that many, but that’s okay with me :)


  1. April 17, 2014 at 7:03 pm Julia

    Great photos! Spain looks wonderful :)

  2. April 18, 2014 at 5:08 pm Rebecca

    Spain looks beautiful! I envy you for visiting, it seems like you had a very wonderful time.

    Is it sad I am also jealous of that tree?

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