My Trip To Spain Part 1

Going to Spain was an amazing experience! Beautiful country, wonderful people, and great food. I had never really given any thought to going to Spain before to be honest, but now that I’ve gone I want to go back as soon as possible. Here are some photos from my first day there Can you tell […]

It’s already April

I came back from Spain almost a month ago and I’m still recovering from what I like to call, ‘post-seeing-beautiful-scenery-everyday-and-hot-guys-to-twenty-degree-weather-and-rotting-gas-stations’. But then again, that always happens when I travel overseas. I come back depressed, unable to understand anything around me, and my personal favorite: broke as helllllll. 30 euros for an ice cream? SI. I’m […]

Favorite Song for April 2014

Lights by Lost Ocean

Wednesday and Wolves

Are you gonna take a banana with you to the grave?

Hassan on why there's no point in eating healthy because we're all going to die.

Floral Entities

Life on Request

I’m really excited people have been emailing and messaging in their tutorial requests. That means people are actually watching my youtube videos. Which means I haven’t been talking to my screen FOR NOTHING~ You think talking to yourself and making video tutorials wouldn’t be so hard but damn, it is a challenge. I have to […]

Before you buy Photoshop Actions, Photoshop Curves or LR Presets, Read This

A lot of people sell actions, curves and presets for their own reasons. I’ve seen some fantastic actions, and some not-so-fantastic actions being sold. Sometimes for hundreds of dollars even! You know you could buy a really nice outfit with that…right….?! Before you buy any photoshop actions, curves or whatever else – here are some […]

Oh Hey I Forgot

I forgot I had a site for a moment there, oops. Fear not! I have been working on lots of new content, changes, and revisions both offline and online. This year I am focusing on simplicity. No more cluttered photoshoots, resources, etc. everything should fall under “LESS IS MORE” (unless we’re referring to toilet paper […]

Shooting For Stars

December issue of my first fashion editorial came out. I made the cover What do you think?! Fancy huh. 10 page spread too!! I’m still here, just a little tired. I work two jobs so give me a few minutes to get myself together! Honestly, I hate saying that I’m tired – it’s getting old. […]