It’s Been A While

Hey hey heyyy to whoever reads this! You know it’s kind of sad that I used to blog almost everyday when I was younger – and now I hardly do it at all. I’m working on it Younger. That word has more meaning than ever, as I slowly realize I do not want to talk […]

It’s already April

I came back from Spain almost a month ago and I’m still recovering from what I like to call, ‘post-seeing-beautiful-scenery-everyday-and-hot-guys-to-twenty-degree-weather-and-rotting-gas-stations’. But then again, that always happens when I travel overseas. I come back depressed, unable to understand anything around me, and my personal favorite: broke as helllllll. 30 euros for an ice cream? SI. I’m […]

Life on Request

I’m really excited people have been emailing and messaging in their tutorial requests. That means people are actually watching my youtube videos. Which means I haven’t been talking to my screen FOR NOTHING~ You think talking to yourself and making video tutorials wouldn’t be so hard but damn, it is a challenge. I have to […]

Oh Hey I Forgot

I forgot I had a site for a moment there, oops. Fear not! I have been working on lots of new content, changes, and revisions both offline and online. This year I am focusing on simplicity. No more cluttered photoshoots, resources, etc. everything should fall under “LESS IS MORE” (unless we’re referring to toilet paper […]

Shooting For Stars

December issue of my first fashion editorial came out. I made the cover What do you think?! Fancy huh. 10 page spread too!! I’m still here, just a little tired. I work two jobs so give me a few minutes to get myself together! Honestly, I hate saying that I’m tired – it’s getting old. […]

An Outline Of What My Basic Day Looks Like

I feel like it’s been forever since I sat down and posted something on this site. My excuse is great though, so I guess I’m not feeling that guilty. For the past year my schedule has stayed the same. It’s not a good thing, it’s not a bad thing. It’s just…a thing. It’s just there. […]

Laughing at my first flat tire

For the last two weeks I have learned all there is to know about cars. Specifically that when a light turns on from your dashboard, it’s not a special effect in time for Christmas. Lights that come up on your dashboard sadly are not there to embellish the inside of your car, but rather tell […]

My First Magazine Shoot

You know, a while ago if you asked me whether or not I’d be shooting a magazine editorial, I would feel silly because we both knew I could say yes/maybe and at best I could probably make it to a geocities page. We would probably end up watching random cat videos instead. I never saw […]

My Birthday in 2013

I suppose it’s easy to say I’m super busy and my schedule allows my only free time to be when I shut my eyes and knock out for the night. On a couch, my keyboard, random floors, etc. Yeah, I am pretty busy these days, but I do have those tiny fractions of moments where […]

Meeting Superstar Ragheb Alama

I had the hookup. I was supposed to meet Ragheb Alama. I won’t lie, I had no idea who Ragheb Alama was until I saw my Mom’s eyes light up, as she explained how he was one of the famous figures/singers in the Middle East (Lebanon, mostly). I mispronounced his name at least 7 times […]