My First Magazine Shoot

You know, a while ago if you asked me whether or not I’d be shooting a magazine editorial, I would feel silly because we both knew I could say yes/maybe and at best I could probably make it to a geocities page. We would probably end up watching random cat videos instead. I never saw […]

My Advice to Beginner Photographers

Beginning photography can be very frustrating and difficult at first, so this is my advice based on my personal experiences on starting out and what I found to be effective. Granted, I am no professional-vogue-magazine-printed-million-dollar-photographer at the moment, but I’m a lot better (and a little wiser) than I was 2 years ago. And that […]

September Tutorial Roundup

Every month I will collect some useful photography/design tutorials and post them! Here are my favorites for September. Post Process and Coloring by Michael Woloszynowicz High End Beauty Retouching by Blad Limer Speed Beauty Retouch by Bobby Dolan High Key Photography Tutorial by Garth Williams Retouch Dreamy Photo Look Tutorial by SimplyGFXTutorials

Interview: Kayleigh June

Kayleigh June is a fashion photographer based in Wollongong, Australia. She has a bold, beautiful style that makes her photography stand out amongst the crowd. She is currently attending “tafe” (Australian slang for college….don’t ask me I just report this stuff) and pursuing her degree in Photography. Not that she needs a degree or anything, […]

Behind The Scenes: Mansion Shoot

I had the opportunity to shoot at a vintage mansion in Detroit! Here are some cool behind the scenes! Front of the house. Ahhhhh!!!   Jennifer showing us around. Someone got angry…. All the furniture and interior design was done by the current owner. He clearly has good taste. Hasan asking Jennifer to do a […]