I killed a spider in Canada

If you read my last post where I almost died, you would know I had a run in with a spider who clearly has a record of harassing people. WELL! I am happy to report that a few days ago while I was speeding (do I ever go speed limit?) on the tiny two lane […]

The Spider and I

If anyone knows anything about me…or anything about anyone in this entire world, it’s that we all hate bugs. Mosquitos, spiders, centipedes….ugh, what is your purpose here?! JUST GO AWAY. You have all this land in the woods and forests and yet you insist on populating in my house, or better yet, my car. Oh, […]

Hello. My name is Jessica.

Listening to: Machu Picchu – The Strokes This is my first blog post since….well, I wanna say 2010, but let’s not be so dramatic. I guess I’m supposed to explain what happened to me for all those who visited my previous website. Well, I graduated college, delivered a speech and got a job. And then […]

Interview: Kayleigh June

Kayleigh June is a fashion photographer based in Wollongong, Australia. She has a bold, beautiful style that makes her photography stand out amongst the crowd. She is currently attending “tafe” (Australian slang for college….don’t ask me I just report this stuff) and pursuing her degree in Photography. Not that she needs a degree or anything, […]